Cactus Conor

Don’t let that coy, I’m pretending I don’t see Mom taking this picture, adorableness fool you.  When I say he is my cactus I mean it.  He is full of living water (he’s got a laugh that is incredibly contagious), but he can also be a little spikey.  I can assure you, he was born that way.  He came into this world on fire, for what we are not sure, but he has a fire within him that he has learned to channel into positive, and creative energy.  Thank God he has such a tender-heart.  He may seem tough on the outside, but inside, he is such a softy.  His love for animals far surpasses his mothers (he convinced me that he “needed” not one, but two guinea pigs — and I admit, they are adorable).

I am amazed at my little “cactus” growth.  This child is such an open book, yet a total mystery to me at the same time.  It has been, is, and is going to continue to be an adventure raising this plant.  I am wondering what his flowers will look like when he is in full bloom!

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