Caught off guard, but I'm laughing…

(This article was originally posted on April 30, 2010 on my old website, it’s amusing though non-the-less.)

My 11 year old is such a character! Words like detailed, obssessive, and ordered describe him well. Just as the phrase, ’11 going on 40′, sums him up to a ‘T’. As such, the following is not surpising, but highly amusing…at my expense of course. 😀

Yesterday, we ran down to the library (it’s literally six doors down from our house) to pick up the next set of books for our “Trip around the U.S” we are doing for geography. The boys wanted to pick up some books of their own as well. I generally don’t pay to close attention to what my 11 year old gets because it will always involve an animal of some sort, shipwrecks, art, the military, or James Bond. Rarely does he ever deviate from this, although more engineering type stuff has been peeking its way into the pile. Anyhow, see how I spider-webbed there, started on one corner, glided over to another corner….and look out, here I go, back to the original corner.

As the boys were finishing up their dinner last night, Conor (he’s my 11 year old) asks me a question about snakes. Ok, I must spider-web here, I don’t like snakes much, especially the really BIG ones, it’s not that the scare me, it’s that they are slimey and the scales feel nasty….yuck! But Conor, he loves all God’s animals; big, small, fluffy, slimey, slick, furry…doesn’t matter, he loves them all. So, in an effert to take an advantage of an “educational” opportunity here, I answer his question. However, the conversation went something like this:

“Mom, can a snake eat something bigger than it’s head?”

“Yes, see a snake has a hinged-jaw. Do you know how we have a jaw that we can open only so far? Well, that’s because our lower and upper jaws don’t have a flexable hinge, but a snakes jaw is hinged in a such a way that they can seperate their upper and lower jaws, so that a snake with a head about the size of my fist can open it’s mouth wide enough to eat a small dog.” (Okay, I’m pretty proud of myself at this point….I remember something thats pretty cool about snakes! Yeah me!!)

“Mom, can a snake chew?”

“Well yeah, they have teeth.” “No Mom, they can’t chew!” “But they have teeth, okay, they are really fangs, and they use them to bite their prey to make them easier to swallow.” “Okay, Mom.”

“Ok, can a poisonous snake kill itself with it’s own venom?” “Yes.”

At this point, my oldest (my webmaster), steps around the corner, and says, “Are you sure he’s asking you to learn something, or to quiz you?” At which point, I responded with, “I think I’m being quizzed!” I look over the table, and sitting right next to him is a book on SNAKES! He had already absorbed the entire book and wanted to verify Mom’s knowledge of snakes.

Well, I felt a little sheepish, but at the same time, I felt a smidgen of pride….I could answer questions about snakes!! Whoopie!!! But Conor, he proved to me once again that when a person knows how to read, they can learn anything, and if they have been blessed with the gift of sarcasm, they can lull you into their web of questions to test you and see what you know. I love when things like this happen!!…even if I’m the testee, and not the tester. 😀

Be Blessed!

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