Opulent Orion

Why is Orion opulent…because he just shines! He is always so incredibly happy.  It is so rare for him to be grumpy or in a bad mood.  I guess my mom was right, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.  Orion was so quiet as a baby and toddler, and I mean “I need to go check on the baby because he’s been quiet so long” type of quiet.  He rarely made a peep.  Was not in any hurry to talk either, he was right on schedule, he just didn’t find it necessary to talk much, but energy….move over energizer bunny this kid can outlast you!  Orion really is one of the happiest people I have the privilege to know.  He will walk around the house, normal activities and he’s whistling, singing, and smiling.

This unusual plant in my garden is perplexing at times.  You often have to prod to find out what he needs.  Again, another interesting specimen to observe as he grows and blossoms.

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