This is my Travis tree…

…and I mean that literally.  The child (okay, young man) is over six feet tall and solid! He is immovable, unless you catch him off guard, and that doesn’t happen often.    I am so proud of my Travis tree.  He has grown and blossomed into an amazing young man.  A wonderful work ethic, and he’s cute too!  I just know that one day he is going to make an amazing husband (as much as he denies he is ever going to get married … me thinks he doth protesth too much) and father.  Oh yes, I said father, he is incredible with kids.  Of course, having two younger brothers that are nearly six and seven years younger than him probably had an impact on that wonderful trait.  Travis can quiet any crying baby.  It’s a gift.  I figured that out a loonngg time ago.  He just holds them an the next thing you know…silence…and sleeping baby.

I know that God has a great plan for this young man. What is a mystery to me, but I do know it will be great.  Now, I am not taken any future wife applications at this time, and no, I do not plan to anytime soon.  God will sort that out all on His own. 😀  Love you T!

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