What's an Onion to do…a follow up

Ooo, ‘the Onion’.  Well, let me start by announcing that my sweet Cactus Conor is much better ~ and Praise the Lord, he is fever free.  It is so wonderful to have his sweet smile and infectious laugh back.  Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and well wishes. 😀

Now to ‘the Onion’ ~ on Tuesday, the 22nd, after my initial post about ‘the Onion’, I went and pulled one out of my pantry, cut both ends off of it, set it on a plate, and put it in my living room next to my chair.

Here is ‘the Onion’ in all it’s juicy yellowness.  You would have thought I’d be able to smell this thing ~ nope, nada.  At least not until later, and I mean later, in the evening ~ around 8ish.  Hum, did that mean it was working?

So, I took my trusty ‘Onion’ with me to bed that night.  No, I did not tuck it in with a pillow of it’s own, but it did get placed right next to bed on the nightstand.  Where it shared it’s lovely, yet pungent smell with me all night.

The next morning, this is what it looked like….

Yep, that’s right…really no different.  Oh, it was a bit drier, maybe a little bit shriveled, but really it didn’t look any different.  No shocking black like the email running around said it would.

But, this was a test for a cold.  Did it make any difference?  Well, to be completely honest here, I did feel a bit better on Wednesday, and my nose was running like a faucet stuck in the “on” position, but was it ‘the Onion’?  I can’t say difinitively yes or no.  I also have to factor in that Wednesday morning I also got up to a child with influenza and a fever of 103.7.  That may have kicked my adrenaline up just a hair and put my focus elsewhere.  Was it ‘the Onion’?  Consider this as well.

We (okay, okay, I) decided to try an onion in my son’s room, after all, the email specifically said ‘the Onion’ was used with the influenza outbreak of 1919.  Well, it may not be 1919, but this is influenza after all.  So, another onion was sacrificed and placed on plate next to my son’s bed.  Well, I don’t have any before or after pictures because, well, it would have looked the same as my before picture for my onion, and well, my son’s onion the next day didn’t look any different than my after picture.

So, did ‘the onion’ make a difference? Personally, I don’t think so.  Would I be willing to try it again? Maybe…there are too many variables, like this was a grocery store onion which may have been treated with some chemical and not fresh from the garden.  I didn’t peel the skin, should I have? Or maybe, just maybe, a purple onion would have worked better.  I’d have a hard time sacrificing a purple onion though ~ I enjoy eating those SO much more.

So there you have it, my Onion experiment.  Probably not conclusive, but definitely interesting.  If you ever decide to try this on your own with an organic onion or a different type of onion, please, let me know.  I’d love to hear what your outcomes were with it.

Be Blessed!

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