Breath in, breathe out…

That is what I’m telling myself right now as I mentally survey what we have accomplished since the first of the year in our homeschool.  I feel like it isn’t much, it is more than I feel like it is, but the reality is, it is more than just academics that we’ve learned.

While I was away for a week at the beginning of the year dealing with a family emergency, my kids learned how to come together in unison to get completed the school assignments I did have planned out, cook meals, do some laundry, and keep the house in a relatively picked up state.  After I got back, they developed their patience as I tried to settle back in, grade assignments that were completed and plan out new assignments ~ we watched a lot of educational videos that week.

Over the last couple of weeks as we have faced nasty head colds, sinus infections, and influenza, they have all learned how to listen to their bodies and rest, patience with each other as the crankies set in on occasion from people not feeling well, and service.  Yes, service.

I’m going to be a proud mama here for a minute and just laud my kiddos for a minute.  My beautiful Cactus Conor started the influenza bug in our house.  I have to note here, in nearly 13 years he has never, yes I said never, been sick like this before.  In fact, I do not believe he has ever even had an ear infection.  He’s had maybe a stomach virus that lasted 12 hours, or a cold that in most people is 7-10 days, with him a cold is maybe two days.  Yes, we do get jealous of this at times, we repent, praise the Lord and move on.

But this time was different, he was in bed, sleeping!, for pretty much two days straight with a fever that at moments got a little scary.  He was a trooper!  Lived on water and fresh, homemade chicken broth.  And as impressed as I am with how well he tolerated the whole schebang, I was amazed with my other two kids.  My Tree and my Opulent were both very respectful of the quiet my Cactus needed to rest and went out of their ways to make sure it was quiet.  When their brother was awake, they tended to any need that he may have had (when Mom wasn’t immediately around) even if it meant multiple trips up and down the stairs.

But then Mom got it ~ and WOW!  I’m just gonna state for the record here…MY KIDS ROCK!  When I woke up the other morning at 12:30pm!, I wondered where they were it was so quiet in the house.  The had obviously eaten both lunch and breakfast, and had done the dishes from both meals.  My Tree volunteered to go to the store and pick up something for dinner and cook it…and well, Mom may have been feeling a bit better, but she (me) wasn’t allowed to do anything but rest.

So, when I look at my planner for school assignments right now, and I start to hyperventilate thinking that we are so far behind now, I can just stop ~ breath in, and breath out ~ and know that no, my kids have been learning and practicing more valuable lessons right now than I could ever share with them academically.  Kindness, compassion, and service ~ love ~ these are lessons that will withstand the test of time.  These are the lessons that will serve them well, both in their private lives and their professional lives.  These are the lessons that the Father wants them to know more than the academics.  These are the lessons that they will continue to demonstrate towards others…for a lifetime.

Be Blessed!

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