Thankful Thursday

Today I am Thankful for:

1) My Oak Tree, who graciously took the noisy vehicle this morning (sorry honey, I tried to get the muffler done yesterday. 🙂

2) My kiddos.  They are for the most part, always happy, flexible, learning, and willing to work.

3) My Lord, without Whom I would be totally lost, and would have had a complete breakdown yesterday when things didn’t go as planned.  His grace kept me laughing it off and focused on Him.

4) Relationships ~ you never know when one relationship will lead you to a solution for a problem you didn’t know existed.  These are God’s answers through the noise. 🙂

5) My church, my pastor and his willingness to heed to, and take to heart Jesus stating, “…My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations…” (Mark 11:17).

6) My dear friend Brie who’s farm my kiddos and I get to spend the day at today.  We are finishing up the chicken coop.  I will remember my camera this week…and take pictures. 🙂

My friends, have wonderfully blessed day today…and consider what you are Thankful on this beautiful Thursday that the Lord has made.

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