When life gives you lemons…

Or in my case when several heavy winter blizzards and a late winter storm (seriously, last week) give you an abundance of downed lilac bushes/branches I make (or my Oak Tree at least) fence posts.

This is part of the pile of downed lilac bushes from all the blizzards this past winter.  We worked on getting all the branches out of our neighbors yard last weekend.  Then last Tuesday came along…freak late winter/early spring snow storm…and by Tuesday night there was this…

I wanted to cry.  Those are ten foot tall branches that are laying in my front yard. 🙁 Although, I hoped, and prayed they would bounce back up, I knew in my heart it was badly damaged.  And sure enough…

a splintered a broken root ball….and this…

split and cracked base branches.  So what does one do…after throwing a temper tantrum, and crying like a baby (ok, really, I just sighed mournfully, but I thought about the tantrum!)?  Well, you get creative.  I need a fence for my garden.  I am strongly opposed to feeding the rabbits who like to visit my yard and eat all my tender garden produce.  And have you priced fence posts lately?  OUCH!  So, I told my Oak Tree that we should use them as fence posts.  After he stared at me as though I had three heads (he already thinks I have two for some of my other crazy ideas), he agreed it could be done.

So, removal of the lilac commenced.

Now we are hoping that this will come back…what little could be saved.

My fence posts have started going in…

I will use other branches for making my garden gate, which will go in between these two branches….once they are sunk.

And I’m already planning on using some of the branches to make my bean pole tepee’s.  The rest will go to compost….unless I come up with something else to use them for. 🙂

Spring is just having a difficult time getting a jump start this year.  I’ve offered to get the jumper cables out and give it a boost, but I’ve been assured that will not work.  Ah well…

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  1. Kimberly April 25, 2011 at 3:25 pmEditReply

    Great idea and attitude~way to go!

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