Thankful Thursday…

There is so much to be thankful for each day.  Just that you woke up this morning and have been blessed with another day is a reason to be thankful!

Today I am most thankful for:

My husband (my Oak Tree), he truly is an excellent man who loves his family deeply, works hard, and is a great provider.

My kiddos – each one of them possess a unique quality that is endearing only to that child.  I love that while they are so much alike (let the chorus of yucks from them all commence ~ lol), but yet, they are so different.  It’s like walking through a garden filled with a variety of flowers ~ heavenly.

Our family’s home ~ we are truly blessed to live in an 1870 farmhouse.  It comes with it’s share of adventures, but the Lord truly blessed us with this home.

Paid for vehicles ~ in this day when we are staring at $4.00+ per gallon for gas, it is such a blessing to not have a car payment as well.

A larger than average yard.  We have just over 1/3 of an acre, not much, but plenty to start out our homesteading adventure on.  At first I was jealous of others who had an acre or more, but God worked in my heart to show me that this was what I needed right now.  🙂

My dearest, bestest, and oldest (literally and figuratively) friend, who I call my sister, Krista.  I just love our weekly conversations.  I love our friendship, and I love our mutual love of the Lord, which we encourage, correct and edify each other with.  Love you!!

My wonderful friend and homesteading buddy Brie.  God has truly blessed me with Brie.  We share a joint love of returning to the foundations of God’s amazing creativity…the land.  I believe we have and are learning so much from each other…Love you Breezy!

Most importantly, I am thankful for my Lord’s protective hand today.  He saved me by giving me a steady hand on the highway today when others were driving a little bit unsafely.

May I just encourage you to take some time today to consider what you are thankful for…once you think of one the rest just come rolling into your mind.  It’s contagious!

Be Blessed!

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