How is your garden….planted :)

On Monday the entire garden got planted.  My Oak Tree was out bright and early tilling the soil making it nice and fluffy to work with.  Ok, fluffy is probably not a technical term for the soil, but it sure seemed fluffy.  LOL 🙂

Anyhow, while he tilled, my Cactus, Opulent and I built pole tepee’s from those still leftover lilac branches.  Remember this pile:

Ok, this is a dwindled down pile, but it’s till the leftover lilac branches. 🙂  Here is what the tepee’s look like.  Sorry there aren’t any pictures of the boys and I building them, but I couldn’t take pictures and saw branches, or hold branches to be sawed at the same time.

The plan is that the beans and peas will grow up the legs of the tepee’s making harvesting a little less backbreaking, and not having my plants be growing over into my broccoli and lettuce….oh, and the “hey that looks really cool” factor is being hoped for as well. lol

A few days before “planting” day, my Travis Tree and I went out and built my new compost bin…isn’t it pur-ty?

Another really cool, okay, I thought it was really cool, thing I did with all those lilac branches was…I built a gate.  My Oak Tree made the rope hinges, but I cut and put together the gate.  Yes, I am really proud of myself…I’ve never done anything like that before.  I still need to sisal rope the corners…that whole silly time thing, but here is how it looks right now.

Oooo, here’s an idea for all those spent canning lids.  You know the ones you’ve used and can’t (shouldn’t) use again.  Turn them into garden markers!

So, here is the finished product…doesn’t look like much now, but I’m sure in a few weeks it will be looking really green!

All those buckets are varieties of peppers and tomatoes.

Happy Gardening…and Have a blessed day!


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