A Change of Seasons…

Will someone please tell me how, my Travis Tree went from this adorable, little of bundle of love to this…

A handsome, God-fearing, young man…an adult, in what seems like a split second, but the calendar tells me has been 18 years.

He graduates from high school today.

I’m happy.

I’m sad.

I’m proud.

Others tell you it will be so easy…no its not.  A chapter in my life is closing, just as a chapter in his life is closing.  But God is opening up doors that no man can close.  We don’t always easily see the changes of seasons in our lives unless they are milestones.  So here we are…

I am excited for Travis.

I’m nervous for Travis.

I trust Travis because I trust my God!  And I know, just because I know, that God is holding my Travis Tree in the palm of His hand.  And while Travis may plan his path…God directs his footsteps.

Congratulations my beautiful son!  I love you!

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