Graduation 2011

We have know reached a major milestone…the graduation of our oldest son from homeschool high school.  It has been a journey…full of hills and valleys, but the Lord saw us through them all. Thank You Lord!

Putting together a homeschool graduation is different.  Everything isn’t already done for you…and it’s not just copy and paste for each person…it’s personal.  Tailored to the uniqueness that is that person, that individual, that beautiful creation of God…to Travis.

We put together a video of Travis’ life up to his senior picture and set it to music.  I’m hoping to get that posted soon.  I need my graduate/techy/Travis Tree to help me out.  But until then, I thought I’d share a few pictures of this momentous day.  Enjoy.

Travis and Grandma Soup
Brother love
I almost needed a chair to do this...
The Principal addressing the graduate and guests...
Travis' "adopted" sister saying a few words...
Receiving his diploma
The cake...


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  1. Melissa Zoeller June 6, 2011 at 4:21 pmEditReply

    Very cool Melissa… Congrats to you Travis!

    Our children humble us as I’ve learned over the years. When they reach the graduation stage of life it’s a new life for them and us. =)

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