Sunday Blessings…

I love a good message at church…

and today’s was a good message.

I also love a day that you just not only feel contentment, but when you “know” contentment.

That has been today.

The chicky’s got some exercise outdoors today too.  They are too funny to watch.  As long as they stay out of my hair.  That was not funny…okay at least not to me.  My Oak Tree was amused however…and no pictures…I had the camera.  Ha-ha!

I did get some good pictures of the girls just getting some exercise…and a ‘monkey’ in a tree yesterday. 🙂

Miss Gem
Miss Atticus
Busy girls...
"What can I do for you?"
"I see you mom."
Aren't we ca-ute?!
"Will you please stop distracting us with that noisy box...please?"
Opulent Orion (i.e: "monkey") a tree at Breezy's farm.

Ah…contentment…a day on the farm (one day that will be everyday), happy chickys clucking around, sun tea, which will hopefully become raspberry tea is brewing, dinner cooking (sssshhh, don’t tell the girls, but we’re having chicken), fresh lettuce from the garden….yep, life is good!

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