Has the government nothing better to do?

So, I was a little, okay, a LOT taken aback when I saw the news report that a woman in Michigan is facing jail time for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard.  You can read that story here.  So I just have a few thoughts on this (of course I do). 🙂

1) Has the government of this town nothing better to do than harass a woman for making an incredible use of her front yard?  I mean really, she is providing healthy, nutritious food for her family.  She is decreasing uh-hum carbon emissions by no longer having to run a gas powered lawn mower a minimum of once a week.  She is ultimately using less water to water her garden than she would be to water a lawn.  And, and, she is being resourceful in this economic craziness, which is mostly created by a greedy, power-hungry government to being with.

2) It must be wonderful that this town obviously doesn’t have any real criminals, such as thieves, murders, rapists, child molesters, kidnappers, drug runners, meth-labs, etc.  I mean they can’t have those types of problems if the city can waste valuable resources of time and money to pursue something as ridiculous as a vegetable garden in a front yard.  What a gift this city has…and they are squandering it.

3) Another blessing for this city ~ they must have perfectly maintained roads, right-of-ways, and parks.  City buildings must be amazingly well taken care of with no need for funds to “improve” them.

4) What a gift the residents of this community have received from this gracious woman.  She has courageously demonstrated that creativity and ingenuity are hallmark to navigating through grocery stores riddled with questionable and downright non-nutritious uh-hum, foods.  She has also demonstrated that just because money may be tight, doesn’t mean that healthy, nutritious foods need to be forsaken.  Oh, and let’s not forget the wonderful example of exercise and hard-work that she is showing to all the children in the neighborhood, as well as her own.

Personally, I applaud her willingness to take a stand against the insanity of her cities government.  I have made the comment several times that grass is a total waste of more productive space, such as veggie gardens, fruit and nut producing trees, and berry bushes.  I am just itching to go outside and turn my front yard into a garden.  If I were in her city, I would have the day she got fined!  Incredible!

Let’s see here: we purchase property and we can do nothing with it without asking, or traveling through a sea of bureaucratic red tape (i.e: permits, ordinances, and HOA’s {don’t get me started on those evil things}).  I asked my Oak Tree about this when we were forced to take our retaining wall down….”who owns this property?”…if you think you own your house…think again.

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