Some life lessons just stink…

especially when they happen on your birthday!

My beautiful, tender-hearted, animal-loving Cactus “celebrated” his 13th birthday today.  A huge milestone!

No longer a tween, now a teen.

His welcome gift…

his life lesson…

His precious (and first ‘very own pet’) Yoshi was dead in her cage this morning.

I think my Cactus was about 8 or 9 years old when he got her.  They’ve grown a lot together…and she will be greatly missed.  Her cage mate, Leah, misses her too.

To add insult to injury, my Cactus has also been raising a placostemous (algae eater) since it was about an inch long.

Sadly, he too was also in his tank dead this morning.  We knew he was sick (had ick) but we thought he was doing better.

I know we all need to learn these hard and bitter life lessons, but on your birthday?!?!

My darling, sweet Cactus, I know your entrance into “teenager” status today was not met with a wonderful start, but I promise you, it is not always going to be “unfun” stuff the whole time.

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