A cellar clean-up…

I know right? A cellar clean-up? Um, isn’t that like going to the dentist? But really, it was so in need of drilling out, just like a bad cavity.

There was just so much clutter!  The cellar is not that big ~ without getting out the tape measure, it is roughly a 6 X 10 foot space…and the only basement space we have!  Excess clutter is just not acceptable.

It certainly was not making accessing crawl spaces easy, and it wasn’t leaving room for getting to the furnace or hot water heater without issues.  So, with no mercy in my mind, my Oak Tree and I attacked it…with gusto!

I wish I’d kept track of all the stuff that was eliminated, but it included items such as: random boxes, empty paint buckets and cans, a miscellaneous collection of 3 and 5 gallon buckets, several bags of papers that were supposed to be shredded, and a fan.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but the difference is incredible and I actually have space on my shelves now for canned goods!

The Photo Phantom (aka: Cactus Conor) strikes again...

Isn’t this much better now? … aaahhh

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