God's handiwork…

The other day I walked out my front door to my porch.  I normally don’t turn to look at the door behind me when I close it, but this day I did, and I saw a beautiful example of God’s handiwork.

I had to call inside quietly, and gently open the door back up for the camera.  My Oak Tree asked me what I was taking a picture of and I told him, so he came out another door.  I got one more picture in, and then my Oak Tree, being taller than I am took the last two.

Isn’t it beautiful?  This Dragonfly was HUGE!

The green’s and blue’s are just not done justice in these pictures.

The last couple of years we have had swarms of dragonfly’s here.  They are such beautiful and delicate creatures ~ and I guess in some way I see God’s creativity as they all look slightly different to me.  Sometimes even boldly different ~ such as the smaller, red dragonfly that my Travis Tree and I saw later that night.  He got a great picture of that one with his cell phone…wish I had a copy of it, because it was awesome…just like God’s handiwork ~ awesome!

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