It's not all textbooks…

In our homeschool, it’s not just about textbooks.  We started school August 8th and while my Cactus and my Opulent have been working diligently at their 3R’s, they’ve also been involved in other projects.

Today, (I wish I’d known they were doing this, I’d have taken pictures!), but they added another bin to my compost with their Dad.  We only had one bin before, but that really isn’t very conducive to turning the compost so we needed another bin.  We were blessed to get a couple more pallets (for free!) and they put that up today.

Yesterday, they helped their Dad clean up the mess where the retaining wall used to be. 🙁  We needed to evaluate what we had to work with  ~ don’t ask, it’s not pretty and it will require investing in a new tool.  They hauled dirt, shoveled, and found treasure!…well, my Cactus did.  While digging up the mess he found a dime from 1899!  Very cool indeed.  The boys Great-Grandfather was a coin dealer and my Oak Tree used to help his grandfather with the coin shows, so this was a real treat.  Sharing wonderful memories with his boys, and investigating it’s present value.  Plus, they got to learn a bit about coin collecting and dealing.

Saturday (who says all education has to take place Monday – Friday), my adult son (that is still so weird to say) who is self-taught on the guitar, is teaching my Opulent how to play.  They happened to be practicing in the living room…and the camera was right next to me!

I just love homeschooling!

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