Trying to get organized…

I know, that sounds weird to some people.  I’ve been told by many that I am super organized.  Excuse me while I laugh…because I am anything but these days.  Even the statement “these days” is funny, because these days  could be the last twelve years!

I was organized and then I had children.  Notice the plural there.  I was still organized with one…even two was doable.  But then I got pregnant right away with number three…and well, organization? What is that?

I have tried just about everything.  I’ve tried rigid schedules, but with my type A personality that was just a set up for frustration and that ugly thing called perfectionism.  I’ve tried the ‘go-with-the-flow’ approach and well, let’s just say the word ‘chaos’ took on a whole new meaning.  Lately, I’ve just been stumbling around.  I have a notebook that I keep my daily things to do in.  It’s more that I write down things the night before (sometimes the morning of) that I need to get done and work my list.  Effective? Yes.  But…I have to thumb through pages of notebook, sometimes several notebooks, to find something I need way too frequently.

But I have found Quinn, over a Reformation Acres and I really, really like how she has/is setting up her organization ~ 3 ring binders.  Hop on over to her website, take a gander (she’s got some really great information there) and check out her section on “Homestead Management“.  She isn’t aware that I am promoting her site here, I just am because I think she has some great ideas and some great words of wisdom to go with them.

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