A biased introduction…

I own it. I’m biased on this introduction. It’s my boy.  My oldest boy.  He started a blog with a group of friends.  It’s brand, brand new.  Here’s a little background.

The beginning of August our youth group went to the Jesus Culture Awakening conference…and WOW! did God move.  Our youth group has absolutely amazed me, inspired me, and encourages me in their passion for the Lord.  And some have decided to write as the Holy Spirit leads them.

I was going to ask Travis Tree to write a guest post about his experience at the conference, but before I got to ask him he wrote and began the blog.

{{no words}}  I am awed.

So, I would love to encourage everyone to go on over to Living In Pursuit and read his post….and while your there, why don’t you ‘like’ their blog too. 🙂

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