The "Good Dog" and his new bed…

We have an old dog in addition to the “other dog”.  His name is Max…and he has also been recently crowned “the Good Dog”.  Max is gentile, docile, somewhat co-dependent and is also my Prozac puppy…yes, he has a tad bit of anxiety, but he’s not destructive, just clingy.

Isn’t he cute?  And yes, I had him sit and pose for this picture.  He’s such a compliant dog.  He’s also an old dog.  Max is about 13 years old and he’s starting to feel his age in his joints as it gets colder outside…and we have hardwood floors throughout the house.  This is not a fun combination for him.  He never complains, but you can see it as he gets up…slowly, gently, gingerly, never wincing, just deliberate movements.  He needs a bed…and not mine. 🙂

Have you priced dog beds lately?  Geez, those things are pricy.  I could almost buy the dog a twin size bed of his own ~ okay, not quite, but close.  So, what is a girl to do?  Um, I’m not totally lacking in the creativity department, and my sewing skills aren’t total rotten (just a bit rusty) and I do have a ton of random material/old jeans around here.  Yep! I’ll make him one.

Since I completely spaced out taking picture in progress, you only get the finished product. 🙂  Here is what I did though: first I took about three pairs of my sons worn out jeans, cut off the legs and then opened the legs.  I stitched about 5 individual leg pieces until I had a rectangle that measured approximately 3′ X 4′.  I also had an old flannel top sheet that didn’t really work for any of the beds in the house anymore so I folded it in half, laid the denim rectangle on top of it and cut out a double thick layer of the flannel.

I then stitched each side together using three stitches for each side, two straight stitches and then a zig-zag stitch ~ hey, I didn’t want the seams popping. 🙂  I left a gap on one end and then I had three really old pillows (no one wanted to use them) and I put them inside the bed (after I turned it right side out) and had some random scraps of fabric that weren’t useful for anything else, and some stuffing from decorative pillows the “other dog” tore apart ~ all of this became the stuffing for Max’s bed.  Then I sealed the end with a running back stitch by hand and wha-la!…dog bed.

Max really likes his bed, but it is proving to be impossible to get a picture of him on it.  When you walk into the room, he gets up easily to walk over to me and say ‘Hi’.

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