Bi-partesan ugh!

I have really hesitated about writing this, but I can hesitate no longer.  The most annoying time of life is “election” time.  If it’s not the incessant mud-slinging, name-calling, bashing, rude commercials it’s individuals.  By individuals, I’m talking about those well-meaning individuals who get behind a particular candidate and push.  So-and-so does this, or So-and-so believes that, or you should see So-and-so’s record on this!  Really?  In some instances, it really does border on idolatry.  I have been known to delete political emails without reading them (and I still do), and even on Facebook I block individuals who hammer on about a particular candidate.  I am not saying that you can’t stand behind a candidate, I am saying it’s rude to cram it down other people’s throats.

Seriously, I really don’t care what the candidates (or their supporters) have to say about themselves.  Talk is cheap.  I’ve heard several Christian preachers say this, “Parking myself in a garage doesn’t make me a car, anymore than going to church every Sunday makes me a Christian.”  In other words, it’s what we/I/They Do.  One of my all time favorite quotes is from Benjamin Franklin, “What you do speaks so loudly I can not hear what you are saying.”  Even the scriptures have several references to viewing actions to make decisions or form opinions, such as, observing fruit and that out of our love for Christ good works will flow.  {This is not saying that our works have anything to do with our salvation!  This is to say that out of our relationship with God, the love poured into us by the Holy Spirit, through Christ we will act accordingly.}  I’m not going to cite all the references because I believe we should be searching out these truths for ourselves and not blindly believing what somewhat else has to say about a subject ~ including the Bible!

I’ve been watching a history series with my kiddo’s and right off the bat I agree completely with what the host of the series says, “When you are reviewing a history book, look at the references used.  Is the author citing other author’s works or is the author citing the exact document?  If the author is citing another author’s works, then all the author is doing is formulating an opinion based on another person’s opinion, not the content of the original document.”  Hum…sounds like a lot of wisdom in that statement that could, and in my humble opinion, should apply to all decisions.

Is the decision you have to make medical ~ are you going to go traditional Western medicine or are you going to go holistic?  How are you going to make your decision?  Are you going to base it on one or two individuals successes or failures, or are you going to research the benefits and risks to each approach?  You want to make an educated decision here.

Are you looking to buy a new car ~ are you going to base your decision solely on what the manufacturer has to say, or are you going to look at unbiased reports, or both?  Are you going to test drive the vehicle or just walk onto the lot and purchase without question?

Why should this be any different with election time?  Are you going to listen to all the blah, blah, blah from the candidates, the media, your friends or {gasp}, your family?  Or, are you going to take the time to research each individual candidate personally?  What is their background?  What are their successes?  You are certainly not going to hire an auto mechanic to do open heart surgery on you!

I’m not saying that it’s not okay to get other individuals opinions, it is, but! it should be a solicited opinion.  Period.  Sort of like this post.  This is MY opinion and it is not solicited by anyone other than me.  Does this make my opinion correct? No.  Does it make my opinion wrong? No.  It makes it my opinion, and you have a choice to continue reading or to move on.  You won’t hurt my feelings if you decide to move on…really, you won’t.  You even have the choice to agree or disagree and comment.  Rude, belittling, offensive comments will not be approved, but if you can state your point respectfully, even if it is opposite of my opinion, then I will approve it.

My point to this rant folks is that for far to long we, as citizens of this country, have blindly followed what others have said.  We have blindly followed what others have touted and promoted as “the gospel” according to politics.  If we truly want things to improve (or may even get worse ~ it is possible), then we have to, no, we must, educate ourselves.  We must take the time to learn about the candidates ~ not through other peoples opinions and not through what the candidates say (remember, they have excellent writers working for them), but by studying their past, studying their successes and what they are doing now.

Seriously, are you going to hire a marriage therapist who is in the middle of a divorce?  Um, I’m not thinking so.  We are encouraged in the book of James to ask for wisdom.  And we are encouraged in the book of Matthew to seek first the kingdom of God.  All I’m trying to do with this is encourage you to seek God first, ask Him to give you wisdom, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, think for yourself, educate yourself, and make an informed decision, not one that is made based on other people’s opinions.

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  1. Becca October 6, 2011 at 1:08 amEditReply

    Love love LOVE this blog and I couldn’t agree more! Nicely done!

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