An experiment…

Earlier this summer our local library replaced all of their ceiling tiles.  They put them out on the curb for trash pick up, but we picked them up instead.  We knew they were sound proof, which meant they’d provide some sort of insulation and thought it might work on the outside of the coop…but we didn’t need that many to do that.

Move inside now to my pantry.  An added part on to the house that is not heated.

And has a cement floor.

It gets really cold here in the winter.  As I’ve said before, my sister-in-law says we are just south of Siberia. 🙂

Well, I had an idea…an interesting idea.

Could those tiles be used on the floor of my pantry?

I ran the idea by my Oak Tree and he thought it’d be possible.  So, earlier this week my Cactus and I embarked upon laying soundproof, ceiling tiles on the floor of the pantry.

After we got the first layer down, my Cactus had a thought and I had a revelation.  First, the thought…”Hey Mom, do you think we should put a second layer down?”

“Hum, interesting, why do think we should?”

“Oh, never mind, it’s probably silly.”

“No, I want to hear what your thought process is on this.” {I love homeschooling!!!}

“Well, I’m thinking there’s these spaces where the tiles don’t meet completely and well, isn’t that going to still let cold from the cement floor through?”

“I think that is an excellent thought! Guess we need to bring more tiles in.”

And so, the second layer went down, being sure to set them so that the first layer ‘gaps’ were covered fully by a tile.

The revelation: be sure you know exactly what your materials are made from when you get them for free!  As my Cactus was sharing his thought with me, I noticed we were both itching.  Yes, you guessed it, there was fiberglass mixed in with the foam/cardboard core!

We couldn’t get washed up fast enough when we finished putting that second layer down!

Once we laid the carpet back in, put everything back in it’s place we noticed that the floor felt nice and cushy under our feet.  Not like it was going to break, but like walking on a cloud.  Now for the test…

will this “addition” help keep the pantry warmer, or give the illusion that the pantry is warmer?  Let the cooler temps commence and I will be paying close attention.  Maybe I should buy a thermometer?  Not that I know what the temps were pre-cushy floor. 🙂

2 thought on “An experiment…”

  1. terry(CUZ) October 10, 2011 at 12:23 pmEditReply

    seems to me it should work But i wonder if floor gets damp will it mildew???? just a thought

    • Melissa Kunze Post authorOctober 10, 2011 at 12:25 pmEditReply

      That’s a great thought. I had not considered that. Fortunately, I have never had water in this room before and we do have a space heater in there. I can also pull all the panels back out should something happen where it did get damp in there.

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