180 The Movie

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone who reads this to watch this movie.  It will only take 33 minutes of your day…and it’s 33 minutes of your life that are going to challenge you, enhance you, and touch you deeply.

This movie hit me on two fronts: 1) my husband and therefore, my sons, are of Jewish lineage. (I don’t buy into the Orthodox Judaism belief that it’s only passed via the mother.  Just because my German heritage only comes through my father’s side doesn’t make my German lineage any less real).  And 2) when I learned that I was pregnant with my oldest son, many people asked me if I was going to go through with the pregnancy.  Not going through with it was NEVER an option for me!  But I recall the questions just as clearly.

Additionally, I am so blessed to have two nieces via adoption.  Their birth mothers could have made the other decision, but Praise the Lord they didn’t!  They are such a blessing and I adore them both just as I adore my bio niece and nephews.

There is ALWAYS another option!  ALWAYS!  Abortion is a very selfish answer and the sanctity of life should be held as our highest standard!

I feel so strongly about this that I sat down and watched this movie with my two youngest sons, and my oldest son watched this movie right after I did at my suggestion.  It has sparked some incredible discussions with my kids and I am so thankful that my children value life!

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