I've been MIA…

…and busy.  I’m working on implementing new routines in managing our home and that’s, well…interesting.  It will be good, but right now, it’s just interesting.

Everyone is completely off of sleep routines (and school schedules) due to a higher than normal volume of extra activities.  I’m pretty thankful that those have settled down and we can return to a quasi-state of normal. 😀

Plus, we’ve been apple pickin’, pureeing pumpkins, decluttering, deep cleaning, and trying to get chickens to get along.

Maybe, I can get back on track now that the garden is put to bed.  My Oak Tree is finishing up some outdoors stuff in the garage, and I have a plan…a plan I’m working (with or without co-operation, because “they”, read as “the family”, will adjust).

Today is Office Day, which means balancing accounts, bills, homeschool planning (this is continuous), homestead planning, phone calls, and writing.  Oh  there is more, but I’ll cover that in another post.

Until then, here’s a teaser pic!

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