***Before you read this, I want to be very clear…we promote serious gun safety in this family.  Guns are NOT toys.  This is not questionable, it is not up for negotiation.  Responsible gun handling should always be practiced.  If you are new to guns and would like to pursue more knowledge on the safe handling of guns, I strongly encourage you to enroll in a gun safety course in your area.***

Opening day is today for Rifle hunting of deer.  My ‘men folk’ are excited…and not here. 😀  In preparation for today, we went out to a friends farm yesterday so my Oak Tree and Cactus could sight in the rifles they would be using.  My Opulent and I went along for two reasons: 1) we are still teaching gun safety and this topic is a family affair, and 2) I enjoy shooting and practice keeps me familiar with my weapon.

We started with our Cactus sighting in.


First aim ... target is 150 paces (approx 150 ft) out.

I took this through the passenger window...I was cold. 🙂

In between shots (loading), my Opulent made a "crash" appearance in the window.

Time for my Oak Tree to sight in...

This next picture will scare you…especially if you are my Mother and reading this. 😀


My Cactus behind the wheel warming up.  No driving yet kiddo…you still have a couple of years.  And yes, I do recognize the irony that my 13 year old son can fire a loaded rifle, but can’t drive a car. 🙂

My Oak Tree and Cactus checking sights are 100 paces.
The people who own the farm let us check out the Opulent had fun.

The targets are taking some abuse. The 'wet' at the bottom is from a water filled milk jug that took a hit.

My turn with the AR15…not sure I like this gun. :/

But I did kill both milk jugs with it. lol

My 'comfortable' toy. I learned to shoot with this gun.

 I was not having a good day.  It’s been too long since we’ve gone out for target practice.  I could feel the rust breaking up on my “skills”, there was a nasty, cold wind and I was freezing.  I will not be shooting in that weather again any time soon. 🙂

The Opulent getting in one last shot before we go home.

 It was a good day out there, save for the above mentioned icky weather.  The guys got all sighted in and were out the door at 5:30am…of course it helps if you actually see the deer. :/  So, they are back out again.  Praying for dead deer in my garage…okay, that sounds really weird…especially since I was raised as far away from a hunting family as you can get…but that is another story. 🙂

Be Blessed.


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