Opening Day 2011…

About an hour after I posted this article the phone rang.

It was my Cactus.

I asked, “Did you get a deer?”  “YEESSS!” was the response I got on the other end.  Now, my Cactus was obviously trying to contain his excitment…”Travis got one too!”

Okay, WOW!

So, opening day, also known as ‘the first day of hunting widows week’ around here, and about an hour after I posted the article “Shooting“, we have not one, but two deer hanging in the garage.

Apparently, my Travis Tree got his first…barely…because a few seconds later, my Cactus Conor got his ~ Travis’, about 125lb doe, and Cactus Conor’s, about an 80lb, young buck.  I learned this morning that the young bucks like what Cactus Conor shot, are called ‘Button Bucks’, and this is because their horns, rack, whatever the appropriate term for those, oh yeah, antler’s (lol), are just starting to bud.

Be warned, some of these pictures are a little gruesome, so if you are at all squeamish, or do not wish to see pictures of my Men and their trophies, you probably do not want to read/look much further. 🙂

Travis' doe in the back of his van.

Conor's buck in the back of our van.

Another shot of Conor's buck...

Trying to pull up approximately 200lbs of deer to hang.

Almost in place.



My adrenaline rushing boys and their kill.

 Yesterday, opening day, was a good day for the hunter’s in our church.  Three bucks and two does were tagged in.  Such a blessing for all the families…

8 days left all. 🙂

Be blessed.

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