Parental Rights

I’ve had this movie sitting on my computer for about a week now and I finally had time to watch it…

and it will make you irritated.

God, not man, gave me (and you) the responsibility of raising our children according to His guidelines…

not some governments ~ foreign or domestic.

I encourage you take the 36 minutes to watch this video.  Please, do not sit back and just blindly believe what the news, the government, or others have to say.  If you agree with the concerns expressed in this video, the please visit and sign the petition.  We can’t complain about what happens in this country if we are not willing to get involved and support organizations that we agree with.

Ask yourself the questions: who is responsible for my child’s medical bills?  If my child does something illegal, who is responsible?  The answer is, it’s not my child, and it’s not the government.

Be Blessed.

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