Nearly complete 2012 Goals list…

I was asked to share all 50 of the goals I have for 2012 around our little homestead.  Well, how about nearly all of them (trust me, there are some you really don’t want to know 🙂 ).  So, here they are in no particular order, although I do have them categorized out on a large poster board in my kitchen.

Install 1/4 round trim at base of walls to floor

Complete 12 Mary Janes Farm merit bages

Get birthday cards sent out in a timely fashion

Have all Christmas cards mailed out by the day after Thanksgiving

Create and successfully manage a budget that includes making all purchases via cash.  (Think the envelope system that Dave Ramsey promotes).

Eat more vegan meals (follow a more Mediterranean Diet)

Buy a Berky water filtration system

Exercise Daily

Incorporate a daily prayer/praise time of 1/2 to 1 hour long

Plan, prepare, seed & harvest garden

Can/preserve more from garden

Shop more Farmer’s markets

Increase amount of berry picking and apple picking

Make all Christmas gifts (I know, really ambitious right?!) 🙂

Finish all Christmas shopping, & have everything prepped and shipped by December 1

Farm fresh eggs only (going to be easier now that one of my hens is laying)

Make soap (can’t wait to do this!)

Make a straw hat (I have a pattern from an old Mary Janes Farm issue)

Follow GF diet ~ I cheat way, way, way too much and pay for it.

Declutter whole house

Read a minimum of 12 books (love to read…time is the issue)

Build a new chicken coop

Make lotion

Fence yard

Repair garage windows/door, paint and organize garage

Read Bible through in 90 days…twice

Eliminate all HFCS (last hold is Coca Cola ~ yes, I am a junkie and I am owning that…first step towards recovery. 🙂 )

Finish my oldest son’s quilt

Repair damage from the Village Idiot, aka: Ivan the dog

Put together holiday folders

Redecorate kitchen (trust me…it needs it.)

Well, there you have it.  Nearly all 50 goals.  As we are attacking some of these, my Oak Tree and I are sitting down and developing a step-by-step plan that includes short-term and long-term (i.e: completion) dates.  For example, I have until the end of January to declutter the Living Room.  This process includes the entertainment center, bookshelves, my end table and the ottomans that have built in storage.  I would like to have it completed before the due date, but this date gives in leeway for unexpected stuff ~ oh, come on, you know what I’m talking about. 🙂

Be Blessed!

2 thought on “Nearly complete 2012 Goals list…”

  1. Anne T. January 5, 2012 at 7:44 pmEditReply

    Thanks for sharing your list, Melissa! Lots of great ideas! I would love to try a “cash-only” budget system, but I do a lot of on-line buying. Would have to figure out how to work that in since it’s much cheaper to buy some things on-line. 🙂

    • Melissa Kunze Post authorJanuary 5, 2012 at 7:56 pmEditReply

      Thanks Anne! I do some online shopping, but not a lot, so I understand the dilemma there. I haven’t worked out how I’m going to manage that aspect yet, but my wheels are turning. 🙂

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