Revamping organization…

As with anything else in life, change happens.

I do not always like it.

But it comes nonetheless.

As the seasons change outdoors, the seasons in our lives change as well.  And with these changes, there is always a rippling effect.  For instance: for years I have been homeschooling three children, but with the graduation of my oldest last June, well, I am obviously only homeschooling two children now.  This may not sound like a huge change, but it was for me.

The ingrained habit was planning, prepping, grading, and evaluating for three.  This is time consuming, rewarding, and requires balance.  The unexpected change was going from two grade levels to one grade level, which required significantly less time for the above mentioned.  I was not prepared for that.

But I am adjusting…still.

The same seasonal adjustments are occurring in other areas of our lives as well.  We are chicken farmers (so to speak). 🙂  We are gardening more.  We are eating closer to home, which includes more berry picking and apple picking.  And this year, I plan to include more Farmer’s Markets as well.  These too require planning, preparing, and evaluation.

How much is it costing us to raise our chickens (who are pets as well as providing us eggs)?  Is it cost effective?  Is the cost worth it as we know exactly what they are eating?

What about all those garden seeds, and tools, and supplies for canning and preserving?  How are the costs stacking up?  How can I decrease these costs without decreasing, or outright compromising, quality?

These and so many more questions are floating around my mind.  God, in His grace and wisdom, has set me right here.  In this home.  With my husband and children.  With great gifts, come great responsibilities.  I want to be a good steward of all the blessings the Lord has given us.  And I truly believe that one of the ways I can fulfill my desire of being a good steward is to manage what I have been blessed with effectively.

This means asking questions, monitoring activity and costs, evaluating results…

being better organized.

I’m working on my Home Management notebook today.  This is NOT just for my benefit.  If I am sick or gone for a few days then my Oak Tree and our children can go to this book for information they may need.  If my Oak Tree wants to know how much we have spent on pet management over the last three months, he can go to the notebook and look at the information.

While I re-organize our home, how it is managed, and the tools that we use I hope to share what works for us…and what does not work for us along the way.  I am still learning and growing in this even though I have a natural bent towards organization.  As seasons change, so do the ways they are organized.

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