Chicken Management Binder…

I am so excited to share this with all of you!  It is the completion of my Chicken Management Binder!  I know, lame right?  Wait, ducks are lame…or are they?  They are kinda cute…and tasty.  But hold on one cluck, we are talkin’ chickens here…right now. 🙂

Ever since we got our cutie patuties last year, I have wanted (and dreamed) of putting together a binder to manage our chickens.  I mean, I can easily fall in love with just about any animal…okay, except pigs because they are just g-r-o-s-s!  But I digress, so on with the chickens.

I used a standard, one-inch, 3-ring binder.  If it comes to it in the future, I can always expand into a larger binder, but for now this will work well.  As you can see, I put a printout of my beautiful babies in the front sleeve. Yes, I admit it, I am completely enamored with my chickens.  Calpurnia is my cuddle-bug.

Inside my binder I have a plain piece of notebook paper for recording all of our feed costs for this year.  I can record feed, scratch, oyster shell, grit, oats, diatomaceous earth, or any other treats or necessities we may purchase.  Some items, such as stuff for the first aid kit will obviously not get used frequently (I hope) and will need to be rotated out.  The way I see it, that is not any different than our “medicine” cabinet for humans!

I made tabs for each article/section that I keep in here from masking tape.  Okay, so I am totally dorky, but that is okay.  I was clever and creative ~ since I did not have any little page tabs at home, and I did not want to go spend money on them, I just made some up. 🙂

Some of my tabbed items are articles that I have found incredibly helpful in regards to raising chickens online that I did not want to search again for later so I just printed them off.  Others are for records and we will probably be adding another tab in here soon for the new coop plans.

This is what I came up with for keeping track of the girls egg production.  On the far left hand side is the date (and yes, in my own quirky, organized fashion every day of 2012 is accounted for ~ including Leap Day).  The next two columns are labeled ‘Gem’ and ‘Calpurnia’.  I can record whether or not the girls laid an egg next to the date under their column and then total them up for each month.

Obsessive? Maybe, but I want to cover all my bases.  These are not just our pets, but also providing eggs for our family.  When I can go pay about $3.00/dozen for farm fresh eggs around here, I want to know if I am being cost effective in what we are doing.  Yes, I know exactly what they are eating, and that is (as far as I am concerned) an invaluable cost.  I also know that these chickens are not being abused or crowded in.  I know they are not being given unnecessary antibiotics or steroids, or any other mysterious items.

Another page I want to add to my Chicken Management Binder is a list of my favorite and most helpful chicken websites.  Would you like me to share my list when I have it done?

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