Is this Molt, that I'm seeing…

Okay, for some strange reason I have an old 80’s song in my head with this post.  Remember the song, “Is this love” by Whitesnake?  Yah, that is the tune that pops in my head when I think about molting…I know, I am a dork.  I own it.  So, here we go…

Is this molt, that I’m seeing?  Is this the molt? That I’ve been looking for.  Is this molt? It is unseemly, yes it’s the molt, that I tried to ignore.

Silliness over.

You don’t believe that…right?

Hey, be glad I didn’t include a link for the song. 🙂

Any-hoo, remember my little pain-in-the-butt darling, Atticus?

Atticus on his throne.

Yes, yes, that is the highly sassy, little mister in all his obnoxious glory.  {{cough, cough}}  I really do adore my chickens, but if any of them can test my patience, it’s Atticus.  I keep telling him that if he isn’t going to stop attacking me every time I try to feed him, clean his coop, or collect his woman’s eggs (yes, essentially every time I open the coop door), I will have no choice but to put this picture up in his coop…to remind who is boss.

Photo credit (

Now, just so we know, I would never do that to Atticus…but HE doesn’t know that.  And as an example of how much I do adore my chickens, when I saw this…

and other patches like this all over the front of him and around his neck, I got worried.  I thought something was wrong with my “second born” chick.  Did he have mites? Was Gem doing something to him?  Did he have a fungus?  What?

I began searching on the internet and was running up against brick walls.  So, I started calling some friends in the area who had/have chickens.  Now, in their defense, I told them Atticus’ spots looked pusy.  And they were at a loss.  In hindsight, and upon a seriously closer inspections, turns out the “yellow” stuff, was his skin.  :/  Not their fault, newbie chicken owner’s fault.

So what was/is it?


Turns out my “sweet” {{cough, cough}} boy, is an early molter.  The wonderful ladies over at Fresh Eggs Daily were incredibly helpful.  I shared Atticus’ picture on their wall over on Facebook and within a few hours, I knew what was going on.

Nothing wrong.

Perfectly normal…


I’m such an amateur.

But that’s okay!  I learned something new about my chickens.  They stumped me when I couldn’t figure it out.  I like a challenge, I just don’t like to worry.  Worry tends to be a pointless endeavor and once again, my chickens showed me that to be true…again.

If you want to see more pictures of molting chickens head on over to Backyard Chickens.  There are some pretty amazing pictures there to give you a full “picture” of the many different ways molting can present itself.

From our coops to yours!

Be Blessed!

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2 thought on “Is this Molt, that I'm seeing…”

  1. Cranky Puppy March 5, 2012 at 8:37 pmEditReply

    LOL! Love the Whitesnake reference. Don’t feel bad…I freaked out as well when my babies started dropping their feathers. I searched frantically for mites, stress or some sign of bullying. But they’re just molting early. You can see some naked butt on my blog at That is, if you haven’t seen enough already!

    • Melissa Kunze Post authorMarch 5, 2012 at 10:42 pmEditReply

      Thanks bunches! I felt so silly, but at the same time I didn’t…does that make sense? lol I’m going to check out your pics.

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