Chicken update…

It’s a broody world here.  I think I have “advanced” chickens.  LOL  My babies (read that as my first two chickens are only 9 months old and already my charming snarky rooster, Atticus, has started molting.  It is my understanding that this is usually supposed to occur the first time around 1 year.  Guess I need to go back to the research.

Gem, and all her purty-ness couldn’t let Atticus be the only one getting “special” attention so she has gone broody.  We are NOT trying to discourage this since she is actually sitting on at least one egg that we are aware of.

Here are the little darlings yesterday morning…Now Gem (the gray/blue one), had been acting like she might go broody, but we weren’t 100% sure.  Behind her in this picture is an egg.

That she was guarding from me.

Like a hawk.

If a chicken could have a “look”, her’s would have been, “Woman, touch my egg and I’ll eat your hand!”

I left the egg and a few hours later this is what I found…

My little Gem, all snuggled down into her “corner” (she doesn’t like boxes ~ I know, strange chicken, but my other hen doesn’t either).  She had moved the egg and hunkered down.  Last night, she had moved herself, and her egg, to the lower right corner.  She looks so sweet…but she doesn’t like any ogling.  She makes a funny chattering noise when I open the coop door…

So, I’m letting her be.  Until about March 27th.  That is the approximate date of arrival for our new addition.

Then there are Calpurnia and Boo.  My Buff Orphington’s.  Can I just say that I adore love their personalities!  Calpurnia reminds me of my cat, Molly, that passed away about 18 months ago.  She loves attention.  She loves to cuddle!  I open the coop door and she comes right over, squats down and knows that this is HER time to have her feathers stroked and to be loved on.  Boo uses this time to try and intimidate me.  Sadly, he does pretty poorly and usually hops himself right out of the coop to the floor.  LOL  It’s pretty funny, but I try not to laugh too much, I don’t want to give him a complex. 🙂

Calpurnia found some scratch there in the middle.  That huge guy on the right there ~ that is my Boo.  He pretty much tripled in size the last two months.  But his crow is still pretty pathetic, but don’t tell him I said that.  We are trying to encourage him.

Strutting his stuff.

Watching me go.  “Mom, please don’t go.”

Calpurnia is 7 months old and Boo is 6 months old.  I guess things could get even more interesting over the next couple months.  A new “baby” and two more closer to the age for molting and brooding.

Be Blessed!

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