Chicken Run…

and not the movie!

Last weekend (okay, so it started last Friday) the kiddos and I went to the store and bought the fixens for building a chicken run.  Yes, that glorious outdoors arena that the chickens in all their splendor can run around, cluck away, dig up worms, eat grass and well, do all the stuff that chickens, well, um, do.

Framing it up!
Travis Tree working creatively on the “hinge”.
And day 2, now Dad’s helping too!

 Day 2 (last Saturday), Dad (my Oak Tree) got involved.  I had this wonderful okay idea for wrapping the chicken wire on the sides and well, let’s just say, Dad’s idea was better. 🙂

All caged up and nowhere to run!
Sewing the seam together…actually rather clever I thought.

 We had to wait a week for the weather to clear up (i.e: quit raining) so the chicky-poos could explore their new territory.

Violet Biggs and Ma Bailey enjoying the new run.
Gem and Atticus still think they own the place.

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