Baseboard vents…a cleaning nightmare?

Since we bought our house nearly eight years ago, I have battled with how to clean those itty, bitty, teeny, tiny fins of the baseboard heater.  They collect So. Much. Dust!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love how well a boiler, with baseboard heating warms my home.  (Oh, and ignore all those paint splotches on my hardwood floors ~ I haven’t got to refinishing them yet. 🙂 )  Anyhow, now that I digressed, what I dislike about them is cleaning them.  I have tried even the little vacuum attachments that they make for vacuuming your computer keyboard…and no.

Finally, I had a brilliant idea!  Okay, okay, I know, that is scary, but seriously, it really is brilliant ~

I will spare you the grotesque details of the amount of “junk” that I blew out of my vents with this stuff.  I think I could have constructed a few small dogs out of all the lint/fur/dust bunnies.  Oh, and that it took me about two cans worth per room to get all that “junk” out.  But hey, it was at least seven years worth of dust and junk…who knows how long before we moved in. :O

Now, I own, and admit that it could get very expensive using canned air to clean my vents, so I am toying with the idea of an alternative.  My Oak Tree says it could possibly work…

an air compressor.

Could very well be a future investment here before fall when I will want to clean them out again before the brutal winter chills set in.

So, if you have baseboard vents like mine, and you are as desperate to get them cleaned out (in between those little fins), then a good solution right now is canned air.  And, if you decide to try the air compressor before I do this fall, please share in the comments section how it worked for you.  I would love to know. 🙂

Be Blessed.

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