Do you see what I see?

I walk around this little piece of property that I call my homestead and this is what I see:

My Bleeding Heart.  I think it gets larger and larger each year.  It has been here since we purchased the property nearly eight years ago.

Another beauty that came with the homestead: our cherry tree, in full bloom.

A couple of onions that made it through our mild winter and are growing like crazy in the weeds that are coming up in the garden.  What to do when I compost and till next week?

Our chive plant from a neighbor last year that is going crazy now as the weather is pretending to  warming up.

One of over a dozen Hosta plants in my yard that are in desperate need of dividing.  Must remember to research when to divide these.  Okay, I wrote it down. 🙂

And finally…

One of many Tulips that are still teasing me (sorry for the blurriness).  Most of my neighbors Tulips have opened and mine always seem to wait until last.  That’s okay, when they do open, they are gorgeous!

So, there you have a little trip around the homestead.  🙂

What’s coming up on yours?

Be Blessed!

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