A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a very brief stint as a Mary Kay consultant.

A salesman, I am not.

A cosmetics girl, I am not.

But I digress.  I told you this for a reason.


What in the world does being a Mary Kay consultant have to do with priorities?!?!  Well nothing really.

Unless, you count what I learned…and a reason why I could not pursue that “arena” in life.

See, one of the first things I learned came from Mary Kay Ash herself.  She said that to be successful you had to keep your priorities in line, and these priorities were:

God first.

Family second.

Work third.

This struck me resoundingly like the proverbial bell ringing in the church steeple!  I had never heard this before.  In fact, I grew up with the understanding that work was the end all be all of life.  If you weren’t working, you were lazy.


Imagine mass confusion going on in my mind.  This woman I did not know personally made a whole lot of sense.  What did this mean?  Did my family have it all messed up?  Was I just looking for something to land on that meant I did not have to work?  Was this lady a total crackpot?  I had to sort this out.

It gnawed at me.

Like a dog, gnawing a much coveted bone fresh from the butcher.

God first.

Family second.

Work third.

Well, I will save you the gruesome details, but eventually I did sort it out.

Mary Kay was right on target!

To this day, I am periodically checking myself (and my kids): is God first in my life?  Am I giving Him the first fruits of my day? My life? My love? My thoughts?  I am not proud to admit that there are times the answer to these questions is no.

And I withdraw.


Make adjustments.

Every time, I mean, every time, I find that my priorities in life have gotten out of whack, all I have to do is go to “God first”.  If I have God first, everything else falls into place.  Yes, I have to make sure that my kids are not taking place over my husband.  And yes, I have to make sure that my friends are not usurping my husband and my kids (including my blog).  And yes, I have to make sure that the project, you know the one, the one that sticks in your craw and you obsess over until its done, isn’t usurping my relationships.

It’s a beautiful checks and balances system that God introduced me to years ago via Mary Kay Ash.  I never knew her personally.  I never succeeded as an consultant.  And to this day, I still do not use the products (my aversion to chemicals and all).


Mary Kay Ash did touch my life in a very profound way.  She helped me learn what was most important in my life: my relationship with God, my relationship with my family and lastly, work.  She helped me understand that when just one of these gets out of place the whole foundation will begin to crack, and if I am not careful…crumble.

What do your priorities look like today?  Is your relationship with God first in your life?  If not, may I encourage you to step out and get to know Him, get to know how much He loves you, welcome His wisdom, understanding, grace and truth into your life.  I promise you, get this first step right, and the rest of your priorities will come into line.

Be Blessed.

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