I'm back….



Well…how has everyone been? Have you had a great summer? Did you do a lot of fun things? Grow an amazing garden? Come on…I want to hear all about it!


I am back…to writing that is. 🙂 I know, I haven’t said much this summer. It’s been crazy busy and I am working on posts to bring everyone up to speed. Our family has had so many adventures. A taste of what you have to look forward to:


    • Alpaca Days
    • Two weddings
    • Hatching baby chicks
    • Stirring up the hornets nest
    • Painting the camouflage
    • Praise and Worship in the Outfield
    • Sound proofing?
    • Fencing
    • A garden disaster
    • A rain barrel and vandalism
    • and some opinion pieces


We are gearing up for hunting season to start in a week and a half. My Oak Tree and Cactus Conor both drew in for turkey this year…yeah! They have started scouting for turkey and deer. So hopefully we will have more deer and a couple turkeys in the freezer this year.


We started our school year the end of August and the kids are really getting in their grooves. Makes Mom happy!


So, here is to being back at the keyboard and behind the camera sharing our adventures as we continue to try our hand at making our little homestead sustainable, enjoyable, fruitful and fun!


Be Blessed!

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