Kitchen Makeover

For years I have wanted to do something new and different with my kitchen.  Replacing cabinets, changing the layout, all that fun jazz was not in the budget.  And with a 140+ year old house that has an interesting shaped kitchen and windows that just don’t quit…

I had to get creative.

Meet my inspiration:


No, I did not burn the kitchen down and start from scratch.  Tempting that was, yes, but burn it down I did not.  (Tapping into my inner Yoda there.)  It was the color of this lighter!  I love it!!  It is so happy!!  It just downright makes me smile and you can’t help but be cheery around this color.  Maybe it’s just me.

Let me show you how the kitchen looked before:






See, blah.  Dull.  No personality.  Cabinets that the dog had way to much fun with.  Dreary.  Sad.  And Salmon.  It made me think of a dead, dried up Salmon.  Blech.



It is fun!


It is jazzy! (ignore the un-vacuummed rug, and dog toy strings)


It is happy!!


It is cheery!!


It still has all the quirks of an old farmhouse kitchen,


but, it is an absolute pleasure to be in there!!


I love, love, love how it came out!  The pictures truly do not do it justice.  There is still work to do: paint all the trim (whole house project), and re-organize.  However, the lion share of the job is finished!  In nine years of living in this house we have never had kitchen hardware on the cabinets ~ we do now!  😀  And do you see that bit of plywood in the bottom corner if the picture above?  That is my next project ~ finishing the island.

It didn’t cost much to do this either.  Seriously, it took two gallons of paint: one for the cabinets and one for the walls.  $45.00  All new hardware for all the cabinet doors: $100.00.  And finally, a week of my time.  The kitchen has a whole new look, feel and shine.  It’s brighter and livelier and we are really enjoying it.

Be blessed!!

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